Standard Filter Material  

It consists by which works with physical filtration effects,sieving, diffusion, intercaption and inertial impaction. Those function has high efficiency against difficult to capture, sub micron particles.

Carbon Filter Material

Carbon Filter are made up of three layers of filtering material.First layer is fiber had the fleece on the surface it will accrued electrostatic enhancement add more efficiency.

Middle layer is carbon granule acticed carbonic is bigger than the volum of surface. Which provide the massive inside surface areas, it is quickly in the adsorption. Also has the good adsorption bacteriostasis ability to the microorganism and the bacterium.

The third layer consists by polypropylene, which has strong contruction and highly effective filtertion of particles down to 0.05 microns in size.

Carbon material could reach to mold's a bacteriostasis rate 96-99% its acts as the catalyst carrier adsorption fatid odor matter, apply to the air sweetening.

Cabin Air Filter 

Most vehicles, 2000 or newer, have filters as part of the HVAC (heating, ventilation,air conditioning) system, either as standard equipment or an option. Just like the air filter for the engine, the CAF removes contaminants from the outside air before it reaches the inside of the car. Which function will help trap dust, bacteria and exhaust gases some carbon filter even could absorbs faseous pollutants.

Fan Motor

The Fan Motor for automative to be make by ATN with the best quality in succession.Advanced technology and production lines, qualified designers, skilled workers, all of these factors secure that our products are with extremely high quality. Every motor we produced is engineered to meet the specific needs. Based on scientific, management and
credible products quality, we make continuous efforts to satisfy our customers with higher quality, favorable price and good service.